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Culture of Love by Dr. Luvelle Brown



This tremendous account of a school district's transformation will inspire you.

While Culture of Love is primarily focused on education, this book is for all who desire to cultivate a positive culture in any organization. Anyone striving to be a great leader can benefit from the culture development process described in this book. Along with garnering a better understanding of organizational change, those reading will gain insight on shifting personal behaviors as well. A leader is not predicated on a title, but instead on a way of thinking, working, and living. 

Life's Leadership Lessons by Dr. Lesli C. Myers


Dr. Myers combines her wide range of life experiences, memories, and her uncanny storytelling abilities in putting together this collection of reflections, stories and experiences, rich with lessons on leadership and life. Dr. Myers' stories are easy to read and relate to, and can be applied to all areas of personal and professional leadership.

It's Easy 'Son', Quit Making Things Difficult by Gerald Hector


This book depicts the value of mentorship by way of the lasting life lessons Coach Moultrie imparted to his students. Coach Moultrie's timeless quotes are the catalyst for this memoir as illustrated by his life-long devotion to his students. His influence reaches far beyond his years coaching at Howard University and informs the decisions many of his proteges make to this day. Author and former student, Gerald Hector, originally from Jamaica, does a brilliant job capturing those lessons and applying them to today's challenges and beyond. Jamaican patois peppered throughout the book adds flavor and humor. This book is sure to inspire readers to view life's milestones and challenges in a new light.

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This delightful children's book explores stereotypes in a thoughtful, humorous way. Tyler Monroe is a young 5th Grade student who is exceptionally tall for his age. Because of this, everyone expects him to play basketball. Tyler, on the other hand, wants to be an engineer or a scientist. This is a story that explores choices and perseverence, while adressing stereotyping.

The Come Up for Girls by Briana M. Williams


The Come Up for Girls is a valuable resource for young women. Carefully crafted lessons in etiquette, networking, money management, resilience, and grit are sure to establish The Come Up for Girls as an inspirational guide to navigating life in today’s world. This fully interactive and practical guide provides a blueprint for the future and young women are sure to emerge strengthened and empowered for the journey ahead.

Drive Alive by Johnny Scott Jr.


For a variety of reasons, urban youth are statistically less likely to obtain a driver's license. This comprehensive guide to safe driving in New York State is an excellent resource in preparing for the NY State road test. 

Over 20 years experience as a driving instructor and 5-hour certification classes, Johnny Scott Jr. has written an ideal book for up-and-coming drivers and those who may need a refresher on the NY State point system and driving laws. 

Marvin's Garden


A children's book describing entrepreneurship, saving, planning, and sharing knowledge. Marvin learns a lot from his grandpa about thinking ahead and making wise financial decisions. A great read sure to delight young audiences and spark interesting conversations. 

The Come Up by Tracy L. Williams


A roadmap for youth. This workbook tackles goal setting, follow through, finances, and leadership. A motivating read, The Come Up is sure to instruct and inspire.  

The Come Up for Men


There is an unrealistic expectation that men are born knowing how to lead. This workbook serves as a tool to help men through the process of becoming a better leader and a better person all around.

Millionaire Marvin by Tracy L. Williams


In this insightful children's book Marvin learns it is never too early to plan for the future.  Marivin learns of ways to earn and save money while he is still young. This delightful read is designed to inspire children to engage in entrepreneurship. 

Urban Development, Adapt or Die by Tracy L. Williams


 Forced at a young age to fend for himself, Kai'Rome Calloway finds himself immersed in an underworld of drugs, violence, and crime. What he thought was a golden opportunity suddenly turns bad. Corporate America is far more dangerous than any street corner he has ever encountered. He and his crew gear up for a showdown that holds the city in the balance. 

Note: Mature Content

Prisoner no More by Terrell Brady


Author Terrell Brady, not only provides us with an honest, open account of his life, he also shares lessons learned along the way. Having served two prison sentences, he set out to reclaim his rights as a returning citizen. He shares what and how. A must read for returning citizens, their families, and friends. 

Note: Mature Content

A Pastor's Perspective...A 365-Day Devotional by Pastor Abram Cotton III

A Pastor's Perspective: A 365-Day Devotional by Pastor Abram Cotton III

What better way to brighten up your day than to spend a few moments reading one of Pastor Cotton's inspiring messages. His style of writing is reminiscent  of a conversation and the reader is sure to look forward each day to another of these brief, yet powerful lessons. An inspiring book that encourages the heart and provides a compass through the wilderness...

Angelica and the Land of the Missing Socks by Terrell Brady


This delightful book explores  diversity and inclusion. Come along on a journey to the land where missing dryer socks go and discover the benefits of coming together in creating fun and friendships. Children will love this book. 

Prisoner No More---Scholastic Edition


This scholastic edition of Prisoner no More captures the details of Terrell Brady's life, minus the mature language and content. A powerful read for young people on the verge of making ife-changing decisions...


Eagles Belong in the Sky by Tracy L. Williams


Using love and appealing to his vanity, the Rooster keeps the Eagle grounded until the Eagle himself realizes he was born to fly, which will allow him to reach his true potential. Many of the tactics employed by the Rooster in this story may be unwittingly used by friends and family to convince us not to spread our wings. This parable illustrates how one's social environment can limit our possibilities and constrain us, whereas learning to fly can have the opposite effect.