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Dr. Wandah Gibbs, Vice-President


Dr. Gibbs is Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director at WGW Publishing Inc.. She holds a Bachelor's in PR and a Masters in TRF Production and Management from Syracuse University. Since receiving her Doctorate in Education her focus is on social justice and societal change.  In so doing, she inspires people to record what moves them, and provides support in bringing said projects to completion... 

Urban, Inspired, Motivated


Inspired and motivated by seeing others succeed, we at WGW Publishing specialize in works inspired by life experiences. 

We offer a platform for both well established and up-and -coming authors. 

You inspire us with your work---we'll take it from there. 

Tracy L. Williams, President


A native of Rochester, NY, Tracy is an accomplished author and business developer. He holds a Bachelors in Marketing from RIT and is Director of Marketing at WGW Publishing. He also specializes in promoting urban renewal, business development, social entrepreneurship, and home ownership. His popular novels are inspired by urban living...He is the author of The Come Up series and true fiction crime novels, Urban Development I & II. He recently authored three delightful children's books.

Titles and Services

Life's Leadership Lessons by Dr. Lesli C. Myers


Dr. Myers combines her wide range of life experiences, memories, and her uncanny storytelling abilities in putting together this collection of reflections, stories and experiences, rich with lessons on leadership and life. Dr. Myers' stories are easy to read and relate to, and can be applied to all areas of personal and professional leadership.

Culture of Love by Dr. Luvelle Brown


This tremendous account of a school district's transformation will inspire you.

 While Culture of Love is primarily focused on education, this book is for all who desire to cultivate a positive culture in any organization. Anyone striving to be a great leader can benefit from the culture development process described in this book. Along with garnering a better understanding of organizational change, those reading will gain insight on shifting personal behaviors as well. A leader is not predicated on a title, but instead on a way of thinking, working, and living. 

Marvin's Garden by Tracy L. Williams


Marvin learns to plan and save for the future while navigating a learning curve and a desire to impress his peers. This delightful children't book offers a lesson in perseverance and entrepreneurship.

Tyler Monroe, no Basketball Pro.


This delightful children's book explores stereotypes in a thoughtful, humorous way. Tyler Monroe is a young 5th Grade student who is exceptionally tall for his age. Because of this, everyone expects him to play basketball. Tyler, on the other hand, wants to be an engineer or a scientist. This is a story that explores choices and perseverence, while adressing stereotyping. 

The Come Up for Girls now Available


The Come Up for Girls is a valuable resource for young women. Carefully crafted lessons in etiquette, networking, money management, resilience, and grit are sure to establish The Come Up for Girls as an inspirational guide in navigating life in today’s world. This fully interactive and practical guide is a blueprint for the future and young women are sure to emerge strengthened and empowered for the journey ahead.

Urban Development, Adapt or Die by Tracy L. Williams



This urban drama is a real page turner. KaiRome Calloway and his boys are on a mission to turn an illegitimate business into a legitimate one only to discover the legitimitate world is far more corrupt!  

Note: Mature Content